Jan 21


I would like to do my senior project on the global energy crisis but focus on nuclear energy generation. I want to investigate both the pros and the cons citing Three Mile Island and bringing it home to the controversy at San Onofre. A cool video idea to satisfy Margaret’s requirement is to do a 2110 post apocalypse movie that shows what happened when only two people survived a major radiation leak at SONGS. This will be cool to film because SONGS is locally based and the point will hit home to show people what could happen if something goes wrong.

I like the source straight from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission because they are acknowledging the problems that have occurred but don’t doubt the pros of nuclear power generation. Because of this, I can incorporate nuclear energy as a feasible option for power generation over the next 100 years.

Also, it would be interesting to evaluate nuclear powered aircraft and vehicles as a feasible option for fueling propulsionafter we deplete our fossil fuels that we have stored.

Whatever I do, I want to collaborate with Jake Neighbors as he is doing his senior project on energy as well. The collaboration would work well as we both have our own essential questions but they can be merged into one final deliverable at senior exhibition.

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  2. The idea of creating a video depicting a scenario sounds extremely fun! The only problem I am encountering as I read this entry is understanding the acronyms and what the San Onofre controversy is about.

    More importantly, I would like to understand your main theme you are trying to get across. Are you trying to highlight the benefits of nuclear energy? If so, why create a video depicting the possible consequences? Maybe I’m reading it all wrong, but it seems as though your product and message contradict themselves.

    All in all, great idea for a final product. It sounds really fun and I think that whatever your message turns out to be it will be expressed in a professional, informative manner given your track record of producing high quality work.

  3. Rev. Dr. Kelvin To D.D.S. Ph.D MBA. says:

    I wasn’t really drawn into your project proposal by the information given. I have no doubt that you put a lot of thought into this but you need to show that to the reader (me). I love how specific your idea was in the 1st paragraph but the rest of the post just seems a little bit scatter brained. I would recommend making a logic map, it helps me when i have a lot of ideas.

  4. Ana Forsythe says:

    I really like your idea overall–it’s original and definitely thought-provoking. I’ve personally always wondered about the San Onofre plants and I’m excited to see your final product! I think that your proposal has a great balance of science and creative arts, and I think your idea is already well thought out.

    One thing to think further about is exactly how you will go about creating your video. It seems like it would be a bit difficult to make a professional-looking video on this topic, simply because of the post-apocalyptic concept. But I’m sure you will figure out the logistics when the time comes!

    Great Job :)

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