Sep 17

Ahh yes, I am finally done with the first Analysis paper. It took a total of 4 drafts over about 7 critiques. I am ready to turn it in tomorrow, I just have to wait and then go pick it up from the Kinko’s in Mira Mesa.

After I turn it, I’ll be more than happy to upload it to for your viewing pleasure. I was really excited in this paper, and hope it shows through the language and  overall format of the paper.

By the way, week 4 feels like it just flew on by. I don’t know about any of you, but this week definitely felt shorter than all the other ones. Next week we begin reading a novel, and finalizing the documentation phase for our Engineering senior project.

You can visit our engineering senior project at

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Sep 02

I am writing personal reflections for college essays/english assignment about someone in history or fiction that has influenced me. I really don’t know of a person in history who has influenced me or a person in fiction. I’m really uninfluenced by fiction.

I’m leaning towards someone in the aviation industry, but I’m really not influenced that much. Isn’t it bad to be influenced by people?


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