Oct 15

Advisory Olympics was cool. It was a good bonding experience, and allowed me to get to know my advisory more. Shelma and I are the only Seniors in our advisory and we only have two Juniors so it was nice to formally do team building with the freshman and sophomores.

They got rid of the duck fetus event, and Charlotte was counting on me for that. Ohh well we still had fun…

My favorite part was when we were against Darren’s advisory and for the rock/paper/scissors-esque game I told my advisory I thought it would be funny just to charge at them at the count of three instead of showing our symbol. Haha, they actually went through with it. We caught Darren’s advisory off guard, it was great (take that for owning us at Dodge Ball).

Oct 02

Yes, we made it through our first month as Seniors at HTHMA! We’ve written numerous essays and almost finished the prototype for our Rescue Helicopter.  We are already 1/8th done with the school year.

We just came back from senior retreat, it was an amazing bonding experience and I feel closer to all my senior friends as well as our teachers. Yes, I am glad I went on Senior retreat :)

On a more personal note, over the next couple of days and weeks I need to make a decision. A decision that I didn’t want to have to make, but I need to make it now in order to move forwards. I need to move forward with life and although I was hoping I could just keep the status quo, it has become apparent that I need to make a decision.

I know… I will make the right decision, one that I can live with and be happy and finally “move forward”

Hello October.

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