Aug 27

So this is the last Thursday in summer. Where has the summer gone? I’m normally asking that around this time every year, but not this year. I packed a lot in my summer and had an awesome time with family, friends, and other people around town. I saw a bunch of hit-release movies, help launch a website for our school’s engineering department, and just chilled.

I logged about 5,000 driving miles this summer. So yeah, I’ve been around and about.

I’m ready to go back to school, but I do love summer. But summer eventually has to end and I think now is a good time. Besides, senior year at HTHMA looks fun, and who knows what we’ll do. I’m also planning for next summer, which should be A-W-E-S-O-M-E if everything can work out. For all I know, next summer might as well be my last summer in San Diego. But we’ll deal with that later, okay?

Today marked the unofficial end of summer. Senior Pictures. I took my senior pictures, went home, and went back again for Yoselin’s. It was really neat seeing 1/10th of the senior class today at Yoselin’s picture session. All in all, I think I’ve seen most of HTHMA 2010 over the summer and for those of you who I haven’t seen I’ll see you Monday :)

I’m sleeping in tomorrow. Then I’m gonna wake up in time to greet the FedEx guy and install my copy of Snow Leopard which is due to arrive tomorrow. (It shipped FedEx Overnight from Ontario,CA) So then I’ll install it, set it up, and then if all goes well I’m off to the beach with friends. It’s the “last hurrah” of summer. Just remember, summer needs to end in order for it to begin again.

This year will be great!

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