Aug 25

Today was training for student orientation tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to give tours of HTHMA with Jacob Harris. Should be interesting. I’m doing Karl’s advisory, which should be fun. Ahh yes, I remember when I was a freshman during student orientation. We didn’t have a main commons at HTHMA, so we all met as HTHi

We ate pizza and then went up to HTHMA, the first time I had ever been in the building. I got accepted to HTHMA literally five days before school (like a couple of days before orientation, I had already registered with Westview). I remember for some reason I was nervous. I didn’t have an advisor scheduled so Ted just assigned me to Demian since I was in his Physics class.

Ahh, my first year at HTHMA… Fun times.

And now here we are, the last year at HTHMA. I’m gonna make it good!

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