Apr 29

One of my ideas that I have for our garden exhibition for Environmental Science is to make smoothies using the fruits (and/or vegetables) of the garden and selected fruits from Trader Joes. I’ve heard from John that the strawberries from the garden are tasty, and I would definitely incorporate those, but I would probably purchase local (non-Ecuadorian, Guatemala, etc.) bananas to add to the smoothie. We can then create a placard for exhibition that shows the origins of the fruits in the smoothie and compare it to the origins of the fruits from Jamba Juice. I could try to bring in my mom’s Vita Mix in order to make a lot of smoothies and to provide samplings for everyone. If we had to incorporate a third ingredient, I would probably choose oranges.

What would be really cool about this is that it will be tasty but really good for you, all the vitamins in the fruits.

Another idea I am tossing around (pardon the pun) is a delicious fruit salad! This will be easy, as it requires no heating and can be prepped the night before and would basically be the same thing as the smoothie just in solid form and with other ingredients that I would draft with my partners.

I look forward to this tasty exhibition, and sharing with the community the fruits of our labor.

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